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Don’t get fooled, modernization is more than cloud-native applications

Let’s face the reality about moving to the cloud

Cloud-driven technologies and processes can greatly improve the efficiency, agility, and scalability of the enterprise…

BUT, there is a problem. Even if innovation happens in the cloud-native world with new development and continuous deployment, the business is still running in traditional applications. In 2020, 76% of IT budgets will go to traditional applications built on-premise, that are/will be mission-critical and that will be deployed with a slow-release cycle.

Somehow, as an enterprise, you need to be ready to move to modernize using cloud-native technologies AND to move the cloud traditional workloads to the cloud in a native way.

How can you make it work?

That’s why IBM Cloud partnered with Skytap. With this solution you will be able to have the best of both worlds in a new hybrid application landscape:

Cloud-native applications

  • Containers and cloud-native services

  • Rich API and self-service portal

  • Multi-tenant or single-tenant

  • Global capacity on-demand

Traditional applications

  • Native x86/VMware and Power/AIX/IBM i support

  • On-premises equivalent network

  • Unconstrained virtual hardware

  • Rapid migration 

That’s it. Simply put, this partnership creates a purpose-built, public cloud designed for traditional enterprise systems that are stuck in the datacenter. We migrate and then accelerate modernization to unlock innovation. The only public cloud service where you can run IBM Power Systems—IBM AIX, Linux, IBM i operating systems—and x86, Windows and Linux-based applications together.

What benefits should you expect?

With Skytap on IBM Cloud you can expect:

  • Application environments for migrating applications “as-is” with all its underlying dependencies

  • Self-service, on-demand resources and integrated continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) tools to improve software development, test and release velocity.

  • Multi-cloud compatibility for integrating cloud-native services with traditional applications to progressively modernize without requiring a full rewrite.

To have some numbers:

  • Disruption-free migration in less than 50 days

  • Reduces provisioning time for test environments from 12 weeks to less than 20 min

  • Provisions virtual, shareable environments in less than 15 minutes

  • Reduces build and release time by 70%

  • Reduces bug reproduction time by over 50%.

pd: check out the LinkedIn post of the article HERE

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