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Don’t get fooled, hackers are, sadly, taking advantage of Covid-19 times

Let’s face the reality about this new remote work era

2020 will be remembered as the biggest remote working experiment in the history of mankind. With almost a third of the world’s population locked down, businesses and industries are trying to face this new reality by asking their employees to work from home. However, the larger the infrastructure is, the higher the likelihood of having vulnerabilities that can be exploited by black hat hackers. Our research is showing us that the amount of attacks is dramatically increased during this COVID times. Especially with new phishing and malware campaigns.

Companies usually have tools to scan their infrastructure for vulnerabilities, the most common being Qualys, Tenable Nessus or Rapid7. However, the average amount of vulnerabilities reported by scanners in client environments is 1.7 million! Vulnerability management quickly becomes a challenge. Mainly for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of manpower, resources, and expertise to go through identified vulnerabilities

  2. Slow, manual methods to sort through vulnerabilities and figure out which ones to fix first

  3. Solely rely on CVSS scores assigned by scanners for prioritization

  4. Wasted time on chasing false positives and minimal risk vulnerabilities

  5. Remediation management challenges such as identifying where the vulnerable asset lives and who owns it

What can be done?

How can you make working from home secure?

X-Force Red, IBM Security’s team of hackers, offers a vulnerability management services program that includes scanning, automated ranking, and remediation facilitation. By only sharing with us your existing scans today, we are able to provide you a prioritized view of the highest risk vulnerabilities exposing your environment to attackers. With this list, you can understand which vulnerabilities must be fixed first. X-Force Red vulnerability ranking can save you resources and time by enabling you to focus your remediation efforts on only the vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk of a compromise. The ranking engine makes your scan data actionable. It takes the million-plus vulnerabilities that can come from a scan and delivers a prioritized view of the highest risk ones so that you can focus your resources on fixing those first.

Last but not least, it does not matter which scan tool your use. The ranking is tool agnostic.

How does it look like?

We have a demo in the following link: Don’t hesitate to take a look. But it is always nicer to first have a chat together. For immediate assistance please contact me directly. I will personally help you with any doubt that you may have.

COVID 19 is impacting all of our lives, businesses, and global economies. Resources are being stretched more than ever to address this challenge. IBM is mobilizing our global capabilities, resources and platforms to augment your teams to support you during this challenge.

pd: check out my LinkedIn article HERE

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