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Dalion, a Spanish blockchain identity technology

On 5 November 2020, Santander announced a breakthrough and revolutionary project: Dalion, a blockchain-based digital identity verification solution. Utilizing blockchain technology Dallion aims to put Spain on the map for this unique and futuristic kind of development. Dallion began in October 2019 and launched in November 2020, it gives users control over their personal data, making digital identity self-managed by each person in a secure and reliable manner. Users have the choice with who to share their data with at any time in a fast, simple, secure process in order to fulfill any tedious process with no need to fill in any tiresome forms. So far Santander has already partnered with nine other leading Spanish firms such as Bankia, BME, CaixaBank, Inetum, Liberbank, Línea Directa Aseguradora, Mapfre, Naturgy and Repsol, and also the Alastria consortium.

Dalion currently runs on Quorum, which is a predecessor version of Ethereum and further hosted on the Alastria blockchain network. The project works by having credential issuers certify and validate the digital identity of the users. In a world where digital data is the epicenter of much debate, users of Dallion will have full control over their personal data, which will be accessible to them, simply at any time through a mobile app. The assurance of privacy and safety enhances the authenticity of the information in a secure and reliable manner. Any private data is not stored on the blockchain but it is stored as a hash or fingerprint, the hash is seemingly more secure as it cannot be linked to individuals in the way that a fingerprint can.

Aside from its great privacy legitimacy, another one of the many benefits of this streamline project is that it also increases efficiency of the participating companies and improves various processes enabling companies to run more smoothly without spending time on the smaller details, such as registration of users, this also ensures the ease for customers themselves, therefore being a fully beneficial addition to the digital landscape for all parties.

Dalion is based on the Alastria digital identity model (Alastria ID) which is designed in line with European regulations and transactions therefore validating its legality. Alastria ID has come about thanks to the cooperation of an assortment made up of 100 members, not only in terms of technical aspects and security, but also in legal terms. Alastria prides itself on being legally valid by making sure to include leading digital technology lawyers into the design in order to increase accountability of all major regulatory aspects especially those concerning the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The biggest companies in Spain and onboard and put the project in full motion across all sectors from education, tourism, retail, energy, insurance and entrepreneurs. The private sector, startups, SME’s and universities are also starting to take use Dalion.


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