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All this working from home from Covid-19, is your VPN infrastructure ready?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Why working from home needs your attention?

Last week I wrote an article about remote desktops/applications fully virtualized using VMware Horizon on IBM Cloud. This solution would allow your employees to work from home in a quick and safe manner.

However, maybe your company has set the correct policies and tools in place but with the unexpected rise in connections (all your workforce is connecting from home!), your VPN infrastructure is increasingly taking on larger capacity than usual, placing strain on current employee access, resulting in poor performance.

How can you make it work?

There might be a solution. And the good part is that it doesn’t require any software or hardware purchase.

But what is it exactly? Simply put, the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) is a remote users access solution for applications via the public Internet. Users can access their applications with public and private addresses through the public internet.

EAA enables application-specific access by user or user groups while keeping them off of the Enterprise network. EAA locks down firewalls to all inbound traffic, making the apps invisible to the Internet. The entire solution is built on a Zero Trust architecture. It can be deployed as stand-alone new applications in a matter of minutes through a unified portal. And, of course, communication is TLS encrypted.

This cloud-agnostic solution allows users to quickly and seamlessly access applications regardless of the environment. The solution is powered by Akamai, an industry leader in enterprise security and web performance and leverages industry-leading scalability to eliminate bandwidth constraints.

What benefits should you expect?

IBM Edge Delivery Services, powered by Akamai, will help you to improve the security, availability, and performance of your HTTP/HTTPS web applications. Regardless of where the application is hosted, at any time, even during congestion or attack. You can use it to deliver and protect their applications from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and web app vulnerabilities, all without changes to the hardware or software the customer has in their data center. IBM Edge Delivery Services delivers 100% of customer site traffic through a global platform of servers distributed in 3,500 locations, across 130 countries.

IBM Edge Delivery Services is helping address this issue by offering 60-day free trials to Enterprise Application Access (EAA). This solution can be rapidly deployed ensuring your mission-critical applications are available, regardless of where the authorized end users might be.

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