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The dream, the reality & your Mum's advice

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This is a book about the new era that is going to change our societies and our perception of technology, work and self-worth as human species. I noticed a hole in the media surrounding technological innovation. Plenty of authors were putting out books about their personal favorite technology of the future, but none of them could be taken as a true guide to decisions about our future because none of them gave a comprehensive view of it as a whole. The impact of the technologies itself is broader than what you think!I wanted to change that.I wanted to write a book that would introduce people to all the technologies that are likely to shape our future AND consider the ethical questions connected to these technologies AND help us avoid the pitfalls that could arise from viewing the future through a narrow lens. If it sounds like a lot of information, it is. Be prepared to consider many points of view, analyze many case studies, and engage in a lot of hypothetical scenarios.

Too Tech To Fail is extremely referenced and wants to show to the world the lights and the shadows from this new era.

Are you ready? Let's go!

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